Business Policy

Business policy

As a responsible organisation we have in place a Standard business policy.

1. Each and every product we manufacture and market are as per our promise of material and quality.

2. Our products are distributed in market through a dedicated network of responsible dealers to make sure that each and
every customer can buy our products hassle free from its nearest dealer.

3. We always believe in ethical marketing practice and business development so our customers are assured for best products
at reasonable cost.

4. Our management, Marketing, Administration personnel are well educated and well trained to make sure that our dealers and business associates does not face any difficulty in doing business with us.

5. Each and every product and product quantity is thoroughly checked during packaging as well as during order dispatch so there is no chance for under quantity of product delivered to our Dealer or Customer, hence no complain about under quantity product delivered entertained and no compensation will be paid for it.

6. New product development and product improvement is the continuous process at Vaishnavi Industries so discontinuation of
any existing product range or model could take place; in this case it is impossible for company to provide prior information.